We have many models of very high quality foliage, virtually equal to the true.

The beauty of our products. The wide range of materials, styles and colors that we have allow us to realize all kinds and Framework model and Artificial vertical garden wall to furnish with style and elegance all the spaces, both private and commercial. Artificial foliage made with innovative materials, faithfully reproduced in its shades of colour, texture, texture and grain. Perfect semi-natural creations. A world parallel to nature, a timeless world, artifact art.


Every event of life, everywhere, need a special atmosphere, with a style and a personality of its own. Thanks to their many years of experience, BM Contract and his team know how to create the perfect setting for any event, for any environment, working with a combination of natural materials, artificial flowers and design, finding a perfect balance between shapes and colors, creating an elegant and refined atmosphere, unique and subtle. Creating emotions.


We are inspired by the infinite variety that nature reserve. Inflorescences, cacti, vines, and make up for sagging us an infinite range of compositions and stage sets, becoming perfect as nature settings. This is the constant search for BM Contract. Thanks to the wide choice of furnishing accessories, which complement our proposals, we are able to realize even the most complex projects, giving shape and harmony to any environment.