Paintings and Artificial Walls

The Beauty of a wall of vertical garden that lasts forevere


Study and Development of panels Garden Green Vertical High Level Measure.

We are inspired by endless variety that nature reserve. Inflorescences, cacti, vines, and sagging are for us an infinite collection of compositions and sets, environments becoming perfect as nature. This is the constant pursuit of Contract BM. The wide range of home accessories that complement our proposals, we are able to realize even the most complex projects, giving form and harmony to any environment. Our panels are made from a structure of wood particle board on which are attached with clips and inside a black, our wonderful leaves, bushes and flowers Artificial; all to create decorative panels Interior totally realistic.

Do not Wait!

Easy installation, no maintenance, UNLIMITED lifetime of the product, and SPECTACULAR REALISTIC


Simple to use and easy to forget. Our paintings are works of art with a different that will surprise you.

No maintenance, many types of leaves color and forms to utilize; suitable for any environment: from work to private homes. Ideal for gyms and saunas, spa, hotels, rooms, lounges, bars, restaurants ..... for their durability and their management in difficult situations. Realistic colors. Shapes and shades are amazing pieces of our products ONLY.


Contact us by phone or mail to the numbers below and show me what are your demanding. We realize very quickly and, if necessary, we come to you to put them. Do not Wait! Do something different from solito..Acquista When a Garden of green artificial high quality