Framework garden green Vertical Artificial measures 180x70cm, Salon Milan.

Wall Vertical garden Lux Artificial; Panels 200x100cm. Hotel The Park Tower Knightsbridge Londra.

Wall Vertical garden Artificial; Panels 250x100cm. Private offices.

Local furniture Milan wall Green Artificial embedded in existing furnishings; Horizontal panel 250x130cm

Small decorative panel of Artificial Green High Level in Local Bar in Crema!

Small decorative panel of Artificial Green High Level Private home in Brescia.

Framework of Garden Green Vertical Artificial measure 80x80cm, Office Administrator, Milan.

Wall Vertical garden. Entrance Private Company - Italy.

Decorated wall of Artificial Green High Level Villa Guesthouse Peschiara Borromeo (MI).

No maintenance if not only with a dry cloth to togliele any dust that is deposited as in any type of piece of furniture .

Particular wall Large size panels with pre-assembled 200x100 and installed directly by the client in Prague.

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We are inspired by endless variety that nature reserve. Inflorescences, cacti, vines, and sagging are for us an infinite collection of compositions and sets, environments becoming perfect as nature. This is the constant pursuit of Contract BM. The wide range of home accessories that complement our proposals, we can create any kind of solution.